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Update: Nov 20, 2008

Mad sisters
(6 min)

2 sisters take a bath, when they r bothered by a guy that would like to join them in the jacuzzy. They didn't appreciate the fact that they r interupted, so they teach him a lesson. They drown him first with their hands, and after with their feet.

Under her pillow
(4.30 min)

Larisa thinks she should give a lesson to her slave suffocating him to death.

Don't underestimate me!
(4.31 min)

Olga is teasing her slave, when he bursts and start to strangle her. He thinks he strangled her for good, but no..he underestimats her! She sneaks from the back and stragles him till he pass out.

(4.48 min)

After her boyfriend bounds her, Olga has forced sex with him. After he finished, she unties herself, knock out her boyfriend, and after punish him in a special way. She strangles him with her foot smiling while watching him die.

Catja and Masha
(8.44 min)

A slave comes home with 2 lesbians (Catja and Masha), thinking he will have his pleasure guaranteed. The pleasure will not be his, will be Catjas and Mashas. After they tease him, they will drug him, tie him up, and after strangle him with no mercy. The pleasure of strangling him is much bigger.

Tied bag on his face
(6.23 min)

Larisa, as you know her from the clips i posted before, is a tall, strong russian domme. She likes to make men suffer. In this clip she ties her slave on the chair, after she puts a bag on his face suffocating him wile she strangles him.

Russian lesbians
(9.21 min)

After Masha found out that Catja cheated on her she arrives home, bounds her, and gives some forced pleasure. After she takes a pillow to asphixiate her, and after strangles her to death.

2 dominatrix strangling a slave
(8 min)

Miss Lena and Miss Maria chloroform their slave, after they tie him up, and strangle him with a scarf, each pulling on her side. Theese cruel girls have no mercy!

Asphixiated and smothered
(5 min)

Larisa is a strong, tall, Dominatrix. She came in the room prepared to asphixiate her sleeping bf, with her fur, and after smother him, and strangle him to death.

Drowned and strangled
(7.10 min)

This motherfuker slave has been naugty, so she will teach him a lesson, she will sink his head in the toilet, and after she will drag him on the floor, and strangle him.

(7.43 min)

This clip is a part 2 of the clip "Strangled by 3 lesbians". After they killed the guy one of the lesbians puts her self a double strap on, fukes the other one while the third one plays with the dead body, after she takes a scarf and strangles the girl she fukes. She is too skiny any way, and she is not good to punish men. They don't need her any more.

Strangled by 3 lesbians
(11 min)

A guy is forced to give head by 3 lesbians, after he is smothered, and strangled by 2 of them.

Olga strikes again
(7 min)
Olga smokes and lets the ashes of her cigarette fall on her naked slave. After she teases him touching him, and than she strangles him till death.

Olga strangles
(3 min)
Olga is strangling her boyfriend because he is talking to another girl. Watch out! She is coming